‚ÄčOur goal is to make 3 year olds happy and eager participants in our program, which consists primarily of reading, writing, and math, The children will not only learn the alphabet, and eventually to identify each letter and its sound, but will be able to recognize beginning sounds when shown various items. They will also enjoy writing letters, numerals, and their names, as they practice writing skills daily. Counting and recognizing numerals 1-20 is always fun, and generous use of manipulatives helps in teaching this skill.

The classroom will be set up into the following learning centers block, science, reading, art, dramatic play, and manipulative.

Our program is structured and academically challenging, creative activities, such as arts and crafts, reading aloud, singing, and listening to music, etc. which keeps it interesting and varied.

Optional classes offered are computer, dancing, and gymnastics.

We are looking to a great year, and invite your participation.